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4 Last-Minute Tips to Lower Taxes
Have you done all you can to minimize your tax payments and maximize prudent financial planning? If you’re not sure, there’s still time to make some smart choices before you file this year’s tax return.
Reporting Gambling Winnings and Losses on Taxes
Do you have dreams of hitting it big with the lottery or raking in a jumbo jackpot at a local casino? If so, be sure to wake up to the reality that gambling winnings are fully taxable and must be reported as income on your tax return.
9 Tips to Choosing a Tax Preparer
With the IRS and experts saying this could be one of the worst tax seasons in years, it makes good financial sense to hire a professional tax preparer. Here are nine tips to make sure you get the right one.
4 Tips about Timeshares
With winter in full effect and freezing temperatures all over Oklahoma, many people are dreaming of taking a tropical vacation and getting away from the office for a bit. If you’re shopping for a getaway, you may have considered a timeshare. Here...
Consider a Spending Diet for your New Years’ Resolution
Spending money this time of year can be easy and it’s no wonder that many find themselves drowning in bills come January. Get back on track in the New Year by trimming your spending.

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