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Your Personal Tax Season Re-Cap
Did you owe money when you filed your 2015 tax return? Or maybe you received a large refund instead. If so, you should make sure you understand why and what steps you can take to correct it.
Free Financial Kits Offered Statewide
Helping promote financial education, the OSCPA is offering Financial Fitness Kits through more than 100 public libraries and online.
7 Hints for Appealing an IRS Decision
What happens if you disagree with an Internal Revenue Service determination about your taxes? There are options available to you if you'd like to plead your case.
5 Things You Can Learn from Your Tax Return
The information on your return can offer new insights into your financial situation, help you identify changes that could help save you money and make some decision making easier over the coming year.
7 Red Flags that Could Lead to an Audit
You’ve likely heard about tax audits, and you may even know someone whose tax files have been audited by the Internal Revenue Service. What you may not know is why certain returns are selected for audit.

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