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Free Financial Kits Offered Statewide
Celebrating the 11th annual JYM Week, the OSCPA is again giving away free Financial Fitness Kits in 96 libraries across the state.
Appealing an IRS Decision
What happens if you disagree with an Internal Revenue Service determination about your taxes? There are options available to you if you'd like to plead your case.
5 Questions to Ask When Filing an Extension
Sometimes April 15 rolls around faster than expected. Despite best intentions, extenuating circumstances could mean that filing your taxes on time just isn’t an option.
Planning for Retirement Has Many Taxing Issues
Individuals today have much greater responsibility in funding their retirement plans – a responsibility that can become overwhelming as the life expectancy continues to climb.
Answers to Tax Questions for the Self-Employed
Even if you’re going to start out small with an office in a spare bedroom, there are some important tax issues you should keep in mind before you take the plunge.

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