OSCPA Committee/Resource Pool Service Opportunities


Two Ways to Participate in OSCPA Committee Service

  1. Committee members, along with a commitee chair, make up OSCPA commitees. They provide guidance to the resource pools. Committee members generally meet four to five times a year.
  2. Resource pool members are volunteers who sign up to serve on an "as-needed" project basis. There is no limit to the number of resource pools in which you can participate.

Note: You should submit a form even if you are currently serving on a committee or resource pool to indicate your preference for the upcoming year. Volunteers will be notified of committee appointments during May. Initial committee meetings for the new year will be held during the Annual Members Meeting which will be held in June.

If you already know which committees or resource pools you want to join:

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How to Join
To join a resource pool, indicate on the online form the projects on which you would like to serve. You will be contacted as the resource pools you select are activated. Our goal is to have every member associated with one or more resource pools.

To sign up as a committee member, complete the online form by selecting your top three committee preferences.

Note: You should submit a form even if you are currently serving on a committee to indicate your preference
for the upcoming year.

Volunteer Now | Download a printable form here

Contact OSCPA Associate Executive Director Patty Hurley at (405) 841-3800, ext. 3805, toll-free at (800) 522-8261, or by e-mail at phurley@oscpa.com.

Committee Descriptions and Resource Pools
OSCPA committee and resource pool service is a unique opportunity to help you meet your goals. With 16 committees covering various interest areas such as tax, legislation, industry issues or public relations and more than 50 resource pools, service can be designed to meet both your needs and time schedule. Click individual committee for a description and list of resource pools or view the complete list.

Accounting Careers Committee   Members in Industry Committee
Banking and Other Financial Institutions Committee   Oil and Gas Committee
Business Valuation/Forensic & Litigation Support Committee   Peer Review Committee
Continuing Professional Education Committee   Personal Financial Planning Committee
Financial Literacy Committee   Professional Ethics Committee
Governmental Accounting & Auditing Committee   Public Relations Committee
Government Relations Committee   Small Firm Practitioners Committee
Human Resources Committee   Taxation Committee
Liaison with Educational Institutions Committee
  Young Accounting Professionals (YAP) Committee

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