We encourage you to become actively involved in the political process. By supporting the CPA/PAC, we hope our members will be more likely to vote, write to elected officials and express opinions on the issues important to our profession.

We would like to send a big "THANK YOU!" to all of our current CPA/PAC donors!

How Does the CPA/PAC Benefit CPAs?

  • By providing an opportunity to support candidates who understand the special needs and concerns of CPAs. 
  • By providing the opportunity to share the accounting profession's position on legislation to lawmakers who may not be in philosophical agreement with the profession.
  • By holding candidates accountable for their actions as legislators. CPA/PAC fiscally supports legislators during election time who support the profession with their votes.

How Are Contributions to the CPA/PAC Used?

  • PAC funding is valuable to candidates because they don't incur the costs of soliciting individual contributions. Instead, our CPA/PAC conducts the solicitation and accepts the cost of raising money. However, the value of personal contributions is doubly effective.
  • Our CPA/PAC delivers messages about relevant accounting issues while providing financial support.
  • Contributions given through the CPA/PAC have a statewide impact on political campaigns, and expand our influence beyond individual legislative districts.

How to Make a CPA/PAC Contribution

  • OSCPA members are eligible to become members of the CPA/PAC by contributing a minimum of $40.
  • "Individual” contributions are those made with a member’s individual personal funds in their name. This is important because it is only this type of donation we receive that can be contributed directly to a candidate.
  • "Corporate” contributions are those made in the member’s name with funds from a member’s firm or business.The CPA/PAC uses these funds to administer the PAC and pay for political- related expenses, including education and the Legislative Contact Program.

You can make a donation online or write your checks payable to CPA/PAC and mail to CPA/PAC, 1900 NW Expressway, Ste 910, Oklahoma City, OK 73118-1898.

CPA/PAC Bylaws

PAC Contribution

Note: you will only be added to the PAC Committee if you donate a minimum of $40