Legislative Contact Program

OSCPA's Legislative Contact Program is an important supplement to the efforts of the OSCPA lobbyist and staff because:

  • It reinforces to legislators that the views expressed by the OSCPA lobbyist and staff are representative of the views of the legislator's constituents in the district
  • It heightens the legislator's accountability to his/her constituents and provides a double avenue to influence public policy decisions
  • It localizes and personalizes the political impact of state legislation

How the OSCPA Helps

  • We will answer questions, provide information and guide legislative contacts
  • We will work to recruit legislative contacts and their replacements with the intention of finding contacts in all legislative districts
  • We will attend chapter legislator recognition functions and any OSCPA sponsored legislative conferences
  • We will attend political fund-raising events on behalf of the Society

Responsibilities of a Legislative Contact

  • Support the position of the OSCPA on legislation affecting the accounting profession
  • Build a relationship (or work on an existing relationship) with a legislator(s)
  • When requested by the OSCPA, serve as a contact to the legislator about an issue(s). Contact is generally made with a phone call or email 
  • Deliver CPA-PAC contributions when requested
  • Report back to the OSCPA regarding pertinent communication exchanged with contact

Sign Up to Be a Legislative Contact

If you already have or are interested in developing a relationship with your senator or representative, or you have a relationship with a senator or representative outside your district and would like to become a part of this program, please email the OSCPA President and CEO.