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Finance Business Partnering: Influence to Impact

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 8:30am - 4:00pm

Finance business partnering can make an important contribution to improving decision making and ensuring the sustainable success of business. It also widens the career opportunities for accounting and finance professionals-providing another route to senior management where it's critical to make an impact from day one. Much like technical competencies, finance business partnering competencies are most effectively developed through formal learning and on-the-job practice. This course offers finance professionals an advanced application-based approach to finance business partnering. You will acquire essential problem-solving skills that can positively affect all areas of the business; learn how to leverage analytics tools and techniques to aid in decision-making; and become accomplished in presenting and influencing key business decision-makers. You also will enhance your interpersonal, communication and leadership skills so that you are more proficient in executing strategic visions.


  • Detrmine the appropriate skills and techniques to effectively communicate and influence business decisions according to audience.
  • Apply holistic and strategic thinking within the entire business.
  • Assess the key tools and techniques used to aid in strategic decision-making.
  • Apply interdependent consulting skills to influence key partnerships.


Designed For

Experienced professionals who would like more insight into developing skills required for finance business partnering in preparation for senior roles


  • Tailoring your message to maximize influence within a specific audience
  • Designing business scenarios to create more impact
  • Developing succinct summaries of key messages
  • Using and developing the elements of influencing techniques
  • Strategic thinking and how to chart a business model
  • Developing simple shortcuts to break down the complexities of strategic decision-making
  • Personal impact and rapport building
  • Change management and agile thinking
  • Using communication and data visualization for better engagement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional agility

This event has been canceled. If you have any questions or concerns related to this event give us a call at 405-841-3800.


John Cox

John H. Cox, JD, MBA, is President/CEO of The ROME Group, Inc., an international consulting firm focused on the convergence and integration of Finance, Operations and Strategic Planning.

Previously John has served as CFO for several national and international firms in a variety of industries – homebuilding, retail, manufacturing, technology and healthcare.

John’s firm, The ROME Group, Inc., works with the corporate leadership of firm’s around the globe to examine and improve their core business operations resulting in increased profitability and long term sustainability. ROME’s methodology is holistic and synergistic in application – focusing on the convergence and integration of Finance, Operations and Strategic Planning. Finance is led to become the heart of the operations and encouraged to take on a stronger, broader role in Operations and Strategic Planning.

An inspiring speaker, Dr. Cox delivers workshops and keynote addresses each year to businesses, organizations and trade associations. His topics cover a variety of business issues. John is an active member of the National Speakers Association, The Deming Group, the American Society of Quality, the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club, the American Marketing Association, Sales and Marketing Executives International, the Organizational Development Network, International Society of Six Sigma Professionals and the International Society for Performance Improvement plus several other associations.

John has authored three books and published numerous articles on various business related topics. Frequently Dr. Cox appears on network radio and television discussing business and management issues, and their future impact. Also, John is a Visiting Professor at several leading universities, such as The University of Texas, The University of Dallas and The University of Alabama.

Dr. Cox is a 2012-13 recipient of the AICPA Outstanding Instructor Award.

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