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Employment Law Update: Reducing Employer Liability

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 8:30am - 12:00pm

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Employment law issues affect virtually every business, governmental entity and nonprofit organization. This update examines trends in employment-related claims and settlements including; members of protected classes and the implications of that membership; analysis of state trends in employment litigation; e-employment and cyber issues such as employee and employer social media rights; device and internet use and monitoring; employer liability issues for employee internet use; telecommuting and off-the-clock work issues; wrongful termination; bullying and its implications; harassment; and retaliation. This course also introduces you to the Employment Claim Risk Assessment Tool, which provides you a framework to analyze your organization's or your client's exposures to employment-related claims.


  • Interpret recent trends in employment claims and employer liability.
  • Assess employment and cyber employment risks to your organization or a client's organization.
  • Determine why retaliation claims and suits are increasing dramatically.
  • Analyze factors leading to all types of harassment claims, including sexual harassment.
  • Evaluate how wrongful termination claims fit in the framework of claims made in common employment suits.


Designed For

CPAs in business and industry and nonprofits, and CPAs in public practice who want to increase their knowledge of employment law issues encountered by businesses and nonprofits

Course Note

This course is also offered as a live simulcast.


  • Employment issues related to social media, e-device and bring your own device (BYOD), internet use and website contents
  • Wrongful termination, at-will employment, constructive discharge and retaliation
  • Dealing with whistleblowers in all types of organizations
  • Factors that lead to employers being sued for multi-million dollar verdicts in favor of former employees
  • Using a risk assessment tool to assess employment claim exposures

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Elwood L. Pugh

Lee Pugh, CPA, JD, CFE, CAMS, is a retired special agent attorney for the FBI with more than 20 years of experience. He finished his career at the FBI in executive management with responsibility for legal training, oversight and compliance. Following Pugh's career at the FBI, he served as the general counsel for the Oklahoma Tax Commission where he led a team of 18 attorneys in representing the state of Oklahoma on tax cases involving individuals and businesses. Pugh represents individuals and businesses in navigating critical financial problems by finding necessary information, representing individuals and businesses before federal, state and local government entities and providing legal counsel for protecting, transferring and securing assets.

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