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Use Critical Thinking Skills to Boost Your Impact

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 7:00am - 8:43am

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No skill is more important in business today than the ability to understand, analyze, and act on information effectively and responsibly. Finance professionals who are also savvy, sharp critical thinkers can cut through ambiguity and information overload to quickly zero in on what is really important. This session covers cognitive techniques and critical thinking tools to enhance decision-making under pressure and strengthen your impact. Years of leadership experience do not automatically provide critical thinking skills! Since even highly experienced business leaders sometimes make horrible decisions that severely damage themselves and their organizations, something more than experience must be necessary. We'll use real-life examples to examine why incompetence, bad character, or low intelligence generally aren't to blame when leaders and organizations blunder. We'll learn how finance and accounting professionals can become better critical thinkers and decision-making assets to their organization.


*Evaluate critical elements of a leader?s decision-quality capability *Recognize factors that can sabotage decision-making by well-intentioned and capable leaders

*Hone skills as a problem finder and preempt threats before they become disasters

*Use vigilant decision-making in high-risk scenarios to perform reliably


Designed For

Corporate Financial Managers


*Critical Thinking

*Decision Making

*Group Dynamics

This event is currently not available for registration. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 405-841-3800 or email us at cpe@oscpa.com.


Diane D. White

Diane D. White, MBA, CPA, CMA, is a financial consultant with expertise in both for-profit and non-profit financial sector entities. She held senior finance positions in Fortune 50 publicly owned financial institutions and is presently Chief Financial Officer for Workforce Resource, LLC, a privately held technology service provider to the residential mortgage industry. In her spare time, Diane enjoys the pleasures of Low Country life in Beaufort, SC.

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