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IFRS: Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS 10) and Separate Financial Statements (IAS 27)

Friday, May 1, 2020 - Friday, April 30, 2021

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This self-study course addresses requirements of IFRS 10, Consolidated Financial Statements. Also, this course addresses requirements of IAS 27, Separate Financial Statements.


Identify which entities must prepare consolidated financial statements and what exemptions are available Recall how the principle of control, as defined in IFRS 10, is applied to determine whether an investor (parent) controls another entity (investee). Indicate how the accounting requirements are applied to prepare consolidated financial statements as defined in IFRS 10 Recall how investments are recognized in the separate financial statements of the investor.

Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals who work for private or public multinational organizations whose parent entity or subsidiaries have adopted IFRS Accountants in public practice who provide audit or assurance services to private or public multinational organizations that have adopted IFRS


Defining control Exemptions from the consolidation requirements Investment entity accounting Consolidation procedures Consolidated statement of financial position Consolidated statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income Goodwill Recognition requirements, including classifying investments by type in the investor's separate financial statements. A type of investment may be a subsidiary, an associate, a joint arrangement or a financial asset. Measurement requirements Disclosure requirements

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