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OSCPA's Data Sleuth: Using Data in Occupational Fraud Investigations - Self-Study

Sunday, May 1, 2022 - Sunday, April 30, 2023

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The Data Sleuth Process provides a roadmap for financial investigators to be able to quantify losses in embezzlement and occupational fraud investigations. It is through the combination of the most common data sources (i.e., bank statements, credit card statements, and payroll reports) and the standard Data Sleuth analyses that fraud is uncovered and quantified providing victims with the proof they need to take their next steps. 

Using interactive case study examples throughout the 50 minute training, Leah Wietholter, CFE, MBA, PI, walks attendees through the Data Sleuth Process focusing on simple, effective, and repeatable analyses using Excel to uncover, quantify, and report occupational fraud investigation findings.

Please Note: This event was originally recorded on 4/19/22. Course must be completed prior to 4/30/23 for credit.


  • To learn to perform embezzlement investigations from best evidence data.
  • To apply data analysis techniques to real-world data sets using Excel.
  • To quantify embezzlement losses that help the client take next steps.


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Leah Wietholter

Leah Wietholter, CPA, CFE, discovered an interest for forensic accounting while working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Following her time with the FBI, she worked as a senior certified fraud examiner at a public accounting firm in Tulsa. Wietholter then opened Workman Forensics to assist clients in investigating fraud, preventing and detecting fraud and solving complex finanical matters. Her clients include: victims of fraud; organizations seeking to prevent fraud; and attorneys partnering on criminal defense, divorce, estate, partnership dispute and other litigation matters.

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