Webcasts and simulcasts provide live interaction with the course instructor. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions to the instructor and chat with other attendees. Attendance is tracked and verified via keywords or pop-up polling questions, and no exams are required. Search our online course catalog for all webcast and simulcast options.

OSCPA Simulcasts

The OSCPA offers a number of courses via live webcast (simulcast), including popular seminars and conferences. Enjoy quality CPE from your office, home or where ever! Note: Participants must submit keywords or answer attendance polls to verify attendance. At least 70 percent of the keywords or polls must be submitted in order to receive full credit.

To ensure optimal viewing of OSCPA-offered simulcasts, please ensure your viewing device meets the minimum system requirements as stated below:

  • A PC computer with at least Windows XP (or newer), or a Mac computer with at least Mac OS 10.x (or newer).
  • A high-speed Internet connection. This can be a wired connection or a reliable and high speed WiFi connection.
  • Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or higher).
  • The most current version of your Internet browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). We do NOT recommend using Internet Explorer to view webcasts.
  • Permission/access to view video websites, like YouTube. Some firms block access to video sites, so please check with your IT company if you have questions.
  • A computer with a sound card and speakers.

Please disable any pop-up blockers and close any programs running simultaneously. Test your device ahead of time by clicking here.

Webcast Package Option

  • Surgent's Unlimited Webinar Package - New for 2018! This package includes access to more than 1200 live webinars across a wide variety of subject matters and course start times; an OSCPA member only benefit!

Our Webcast Partners

Click here for contact information for any of the OSCPA Webcast partners.