With all the changes COVID-19 has brought, we understand you may have questions and concerns regarding continuing education offered by the Society, click here to learn more.

Webcasts allow you to attend quality educational programs online! You have the ability to submit questions to the instructor and chat with other attendees. Attendance is verified via keywords or pop-up polling questions, and no exams are required! Search our online course catalog for all webcast options.

OSCPA Webcasts

OSCPA webcasts allow you to attend the same great OSCPA seminars and conferences you love, from anywhere you can access the Internet! Courses are viewed in real-time and provide live interaction with the instructor and other attendees.

Webcast Partners & Offerings

Webcasts deliver courses via the Internet with audio, video and PowerPoint slides. These courses provide the ability to submit questions to the instructor and are provided by NASBA-approved vendors.