Need a Speaker?

Did you know the OSCPA turns 100 in 2018? 
To commemorate this monumental event, there is a limited-time exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center. We're proud to share the contributions of Oklahoma CPAs to our great state! Learn more about the OSCPA Centennial Celebration

General Audience Speakers 

If you need a dynamic speaker for your next event, call off the search and invite a CPA. The Oklahoma Society of CPAs' Speakers Bureau, provides CPAs to serve as speakers - at no cost!

CPAs are ideally suited for your next civic or business event. They are qualified, highly professional, and current on business and personal financial topics.

To request a speaker for your event, please contact the OSCPA Communications Department

Accounting Careers/Academics Speakers 

Are you with an academic institution or organization? CPAs are perfect for career presentations to students of all ages, career fairs, and college clubs and events.  They are able to answer questions students have about studying accounting and its career possibilities.

To request a speaker for your academic event, please contact the OSCPA Membership Department.