Join the Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau program and the Media Expert program are designed to organize members to assist in educating the public and promoting a positive, professional image of CPAs.

Speakers Bureau Program Details

Schools, civic groups, businesses and other organizations are continually looking for CPAs to speak to their respective groups. Upon receiving a speaker request, we will contact the Speakers Bureau participants to see who is available to speak. Volunteers have the opportunity to accept or decline the speaking opportunity at their discretion. For those agreeing to speak, the OSCPA will furnish materials for the presentation.

Media Expert Program Details

OSCPA members have the expertise to make sense of complicated financial issues – a quality many reporters are looking for in their stories. So it makes sense that we are always looking for members to speak to the media. Upon receiving a media engagement request, we will contact Media Experts to confirm availability. Volunteers have the opportunity to accept or decline interviews at their discretion.

Benefits for You

  • Free publicity for your business
  • Contributing to the positive image of the CPA profession
  • The opportunity to encourage youth to pursue the profession
  • And, if you're lucky, maybe a free meal!

Speaking Tips and Tricks

Still unsure about public speaking? Don't worry. We have resources to help. Simply contact the Communications department for more information on any of the following.

  • General Public Speaking Tips 
  • Speaking to the Public
  • Speaking to Students 
  • Speaking to the Media

Sign Up Today

Contact the OSCPA Vice President, Communications to sign up for either the Speakers Bureau program or the Media Expert program.