OSCPA improves awards nomination process

December 9, 2019

Several committees honor members with specialty awards. New this year, the nomination process for those awards, which is now combined with the OSCPA annual officer election process, will create a more inclusive path to nominations and award presentations.

The OSCPA eagerly anticipates honoring members who demonstrate commitment to professional excellence and community improvement. Because OSCPA award-winning members are deserving of being grandly celebrated in the company of their peers, the time has come to move award recognition to the OSCPA’s largest event of the year, the OSCPA Annual Members Meeting. This is where members currently celebrate other award winners—including Trailblazers, Path Finders, Gold and Silver Pen Award Winners, Public Service Award winner, Long-Term Membership Awards and the Oklahoma Accounting Hall of Fame inductee, just to name a few.

The following award celebrations will be moved to the Annual Members Meeting in June:

  • Outstanding Member in Business & Industry Award;
  • Outstanding Member in Financial Planning Award;
  • Rick Kells Outstanding Tax Professional Award; and the
  • Outstanding Accounting Educator Award.

The new awards nomination process will be included with the annual OSCPA Board of Directors election ballots that go out to all members in January. This process should not only open nominations to include more members but would also make the process easier and less time consuming than individually making nominations for each award. Members will still be able to make nominations at other times of the year, but deadlines for all the affected awards would change to one date, the same date as the deadline for the ballots, which will be January 31. Award selection processes will not change; individual committees will still be responsible for selecting their respective honorees.

“We’re excited to incorporate new leadership selection with professional excellence recognition,” said Patty Hurley, OSCPA executive vice president and COO. “Members will not only get the opportunity to approve incoming leadership at the same time as they nominate their peers for awards, which will save time collectively, but we will also get the chance to celebrate all of our honorees at an event that has grown in popularity and attendance, which will mean more to the honorees themselves.”

Look for your annual officer election and awards nomination form in your email inbox beginning in January.

For questions or comments, please email communications@oscpa.com.