OSCPA announces 20-21 Nominating Committee - 30 day comment period per new bylaw

July 30, 2020

New this year, as approved at last year’s Annual Business Meeting, the appointed members of the OSCPA Nominating Committee shall be posted to the membership to allow for a 30-day comment period before being finalized. The appointed members include:

1. Jessie D. Wagner Bennett, CPA
2. Glenn A. Eddleman, CPA
3. Sue Morrison, CPA

Joining these appointees on the Nominating Committee will be the two Immediate Past Chairmen, Henry M. Bickerstaff, CPA and S. Neil Jay, CPA. Any member comments should be sent to bpeterson@oscpa.com by Sept. 1, 2020.


6.1 NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members in good standing with the Society. Two of these members shall be the two most recent Past Chairmen who are available and willing to serve, with the most recent Past Chairman serving as chairman of the committee.  Of the other three members, one shall be a member selected by the Chairman-Elect, one shall be a member with less than twenty-five years of membership selected by the OSCPA staff and one shall be a member with twenty-five years or more of membership selected by the OSCPA staff. The member selected by the Chairman-Elect shall not be a current officer or director of the Society. No more than two of the five members of the committee may serve on the committee in consecutive years. Upon selection of the Nominating Committee, OSCPA members shall be provided a 30-day period to submit comments on the proposed committee members prior to finalization.