Q&A with OSCPA President and CEO Blaine Peterson, CPA, JD

November 7, 2018
With the 2019 Town Hall tour, sponsored by INTRUST Bank, about to begin, the featured speaker, OSCPA President and CEO Blaine Peterson, CPA, JD, is about to have a pretty hectic schedule. So, the WIRE caught up with Peterson to ask a few key questions... and some random questions. 

WIRE: What is the biggest issue facing today’s CPAs in Oklahoma?
Peterson: While CPAs are accustomed to change, the speed of change has increased dramatically. Rapid changes in technology, demographics, specialization and regulatory oversight are requiring CPAs to become more innovative than ever before. As a result, CPAs must remain in a state of constant self-evaluation in order to adapt to the speed of change. Demand for CPAs will not be eliminated, but we will have to change how we operate.

WIRE: What is your goal for the OSCPA in 2019?
Peterson: While 2018 has been a wonderful year of reflection on the first 100 years of the OSCPA, a major focus for 2019 will be to evaluate every aspect of the OSCPA to ensure that we are positioned to serve our members in the long term. We recently initiated a comprehensive strategic plan process designed to guide our decision-making for the next decade. This process will involve heavy member involvement and will highlight key areas of change and opportunity. This process is intended to enhance the OSCPA’s ability to partner with Oklahoma CPAs through all stages of their academic and professional careers.

WIRE: What is your professional passion?
Peterson: I love seeing CPAs who have had success crafting a career that fulfills them on a personal level as well as financial. The opportunities available to CPAs is so diverse that today’s CPAs can work in any industry, anywhere in the world on a schedule they create themselves. I look forward to helping cultivate today’s student members, Trailblazers and Young Accounting Professionals evolve into leaders of our profession and Society. Likewise, my role as CEO enables me to personally serve our current leaders and Past Chairman whose leadership has paved the way for my career.

WIRE: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Peterson: The power to teleport so I could be in many places simultaneously. Avoiding the daily commute on I-35 would be a huge bonus.

WIRE: What is the dumbest way you’ve ever been injured?
Peterson: Falling through a glass patio door while playing a game of living room football. The glass left some nasty cuts, but I made the catch!