2018 regional benchmarking results now available

November 12, 2018

Results of the 2018 AICPA PCPS/CPA.com National Management of Accounting Practice (MAP) Survey are now available at www.oscpa.com.

It’s so easy to get so focused on hitting the next deadline or winning that next new client that CPAs can lose sight of what’s happening around them. It happens without realizing it, as they work hard to meet client expectations and firm goals. However, by not taking a moment to see what’s going on in firms around us, you miss out on the chance to learn from others by spotting new trends, pinpointing gaps and identifying opportunities to improve our firms’ profitability.

The 2018 survey was streamlined for increased relevance and focuses on important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) identified by practitioners to help your firm better understand the new workplace as it looks to move successfully into the future.

The 2018 MAP Survey includes these important KPIs:

  • Financial performance measures;
  • Firm realization;
  • Billing rates and compensation; and more.

Results offer CPAs a clearer picture of how their firms align with similarly sized practices and practical insights into building a more profitable practice

View results now.