OSCPA Elections end Jan. 31

January 1, 2019

Each year, the OSCPA Nominations Committee selects members to serve on the Board of Directors. Per OSCPA Bylaws, on or before November 15 of each year, the Nominations Committee will file with the OSCPA Secretary a report of its nominations for chairman-elect, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and three directors-at-large. The Ballot Committee then provides a ballot to each member in good standing on or before January 1. All ballots received on or before January 31 will be counted and the results will be verified by the Ballot Committee.

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The officers and directors selected by the OSCPA Nominations Committee and approved by the OSCPA Board of Directors are:

  • Chairman-Elect: Christy Sughru, CPA
  • Vice Chairman: Sharon Haley, CPA
  • Treasurer: Janese Shepard, CPA
  • Secretary: Vicky Petete, CPA

Directors-at-Large, Two-Year Terms:

  • Amber Jones, CPA
  • Larry Smith, CPA
  • Raylicia Spencer, CPA

Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, 5-Year Term Begins May 1, 2019:

  • Jacob Pasby, CPA

CPA-PAC Trustee, 3-Year Term Begins May 1, 2109:

  • Robert Sellers, CPA
  • Pamela A. Vann, CPA

Learn more about each candidate and cast your ballot from the link in your email inbox. If you have questions, call Patty Hurley, OSCPA executive vice president and COO, at (800) 522-8261 or email phurley@oscpa.com.