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Meet the Member: Carol Rhodes, CPA

July 18, 2019 This 40-year member’s career could have easily flown in a different direction. Find out about her other amazing skill, how she found herself surrounded by carcasses and why she never plans to move from Oklahoma.

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Meet the Member: Brian Walters, CPA

July 11, 2019 Brian Walters, CPA, a sole practitioner at The 420 CFO in Oklahoma City, is proud to be a CPA. Not only has he worked hard to get where he is, but he also takes on clients that many CPAs would shy away from.

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Give yourself a mid-year financial check up

July 9, 2019 It may seem like we just rang in the New Year, but 2020 is only six months away. While you may have some unfinished financial resolutions for the year or have money goals you have yet to accomplish, it’s never too late to get back on track. Certified Public Accountants from the Oklahoma Society of CPAs have tips for giving yourself a financial checkup.

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