Leadership Recruitment

It's easy to get involved and make an impact within the OSCPA and the CPA profession. A variety of committee service opportunities are available that will fit your schedule and allow you to network and grow as a leader.

Three Ways to Volunteer

1. Committee Members are the fuel that powers the OSCPA in advancing the profession. They determine activities, provide guidance, and carry out projects designed to enhance the value of the CPA.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • I want to volunteer but I'm worried about the time commitment, how often do committees meet? Committees generally meet four to five times per year.
  • I don't live in the Oklahoma City area, what are my attendance options? Most committee meetings will be held at the OSCPA office. But members are also able to participate online via Zoom.
  • May I serve on more than one committee? Committee appointments are made on a “first come first served” basis as room allows. Members may serve on more than one committee if positions are available. 
  • What if I am already serving on a committee, do I need to complete the volunteer form again? Yes, all committee appointments are for one year, May 1 through April 30, with the opportunity to renew.

2. Resource Pool Members are volunteers who serve on short-term projects that come up during the year and meet only on an "as-needed" basis.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • I want to help but I'm worried about the time commitment, how often do Resource Pools meet? Unlike committees, Resource Pools, if activated, generally meet one to two times per project. 
  • What if I want to sign up for several projects, but I don't want to serve on a committee? That's okay. Regardless, if you are/are not on a committee, there is no limit to the number of resource pools to which you can participate.

3. Leadership Positions – New this year!

OSCPA Bylaws were amended to increase inclusion of all members in the nominations process rather than just those in attendance the Annual Members Meeting. Take advantage of the opportunity to nominate yourself or another member to serve in leadership positions on the Nominating Committee, Board Directors-at-large and Executive Committee.

How to Volunteer

Review the list of committees below. Additional committee information can be found by clicking on the specific committee's name. After you have reviewed your options you can make your selections here.


Overview of OSCPA Committees

  • Accounting Careers: Increases the quantity and quality of students selecting the accounting profession as a career choice. Works in cooperation with schools and universities across Oklahoma.
  • Continuing Professional Education: Promotes high standards of competence by providing a variety of quality, cost-effective and accessible educational opportunities to improve compliance with the educational standards of the profession. 
  • Financial Literacy: Promotes financial education among all publics and promotes OSCPA members as financial experts.
  • Governmental Accounting and Auditing: Works to improve governmental reporting standards and compliance. Promotes technical excellence to members employed by the government and practitioners serving the governmental industry.
  • Human Resources: Reviews all policies and procedures related to OSCPA human resources to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Ensures the OSCPA is competitive in the marketplace to attract and retain the best and brightest candidates for staff positions. 
  • Liaison with Educational Institutions (LEI): Serves as a liaison for state colleges and universities in enhancing the accounting curriculum and promoting quality instruction. 
  • Members in Industry: Creates and implements programs of interest and value to members employed in industry. Enhances visibility and promotes the value of CPAs to industry employees. 
  • Peer Review: Administers, monitors and evaluates the peer reviews of Oklahoma firms to ensure compliance with the AICPA standards for performing and reporting peer reviews. 
  • Professional Ethics: Promotes high ethical standards for the profession and interprets, publicizes and enforces the Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Public Relations: Enhances the image and public understanding of the CPA profession. Advertises CPA services through statewide print and electronic media. Implements programs to increase positive publicity for CPAs.  
  • Small Firm Practitioners: Aids practitioners in improving the management and operation of their practices to increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Taxation Committee: Works to expand the professional competence of members practicing in the field of taxation. Serves as a liaison with the Internal Revenue Service and the Oklahoma Tax Commission. 
  • Young Accounting Professionals (YAP): Provides a forum for professional development, valuable resources and networking opportunities to CPAs who are under 40 years of age.

Overview of Resource Pools:

(Activated on an as-needed basis)

  • Banking and Other Financial Institutions: Increases the mutual understanding and cooperation between CPAs and the banking industry.
  • Business Valuation/Forensic and Litigation Support: Promotes professional competency in the business valuation, forensic accounting and litigation support areas, while expanding the business and legal community's awareness of the CPA's role in providing these services. 
  • Oil and Gas: Provides directions, support and education related to the oil and gas industry for the OSCPA and its members both in public practice and industry. 
  • Personal Financial Planning (PFP): Assists members in establishing and/or expanding the role of the CPA as a Personal Financial Planner. Fosters the public image of the CPA as the premier provider of PFP services.