The OSCPA is Now Paperless

All course manuals are now available electronically as PDFs, making them easy to view on your personal electronic devices.

Why the new approach?

  • It is important to provide the most current information and course content. The e-materials that we share one week prior to the course will be the most current information. Electronic materials also allow us to update manuals last minute if changes do occur.
  • Going paperless eliminates the need to store or collect manuals on your desk or in your office, reducing space and waste.
  • Instead of flipping through multiple printed pages to find a definition, act or rule, you can search the electronic manual faster and easier with the "Ctrl F" shortcut, saving a lot of time.
  • Going paperless is environmentally friendly and saves trees!

Paperless FAQs

1) What if I want a printed copy of the manual?

If you would like a printed copy, download the manual from the My CPE section of the website and print it prior to the course. Printed manuals will no longer be created and distributed onsite.

2) When can I download my manual?

Electronic manuals are available for viewing, downloading and printing one week prior and one week after the course date. You will receive an email one week prior to the course indicating you can download the manual. You will receive another reminder the day before the course. Since some facility WiFi can be unreliable, we recommend you download and save the materials in advance. 

3) How can I view the downloaded materials?

Manuals can be viewed on your laptop, tablet or even your cell phone. Or, you can print them prior to the course and bring them with you.

To ensure that materials can be viewed electronically all day long, facilities will have an increased number of electrical outlets provided to attendees. The OSCPA Learning Center is already equipped with electricity to provide to each attendee. Electricity at other facilities will be greatly increased.

4) How will the manuals be formatted?

All manuals will be converted to an electronic PDF format. We recommend having Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, version 7.0 or higher.

5) What options are available to annotate my manual in PDF format?

You can annotate your manuals using the following:

    • Adobe Acrobat version 7.0 or higher
    • Nitro - free PDF software
    • iPad - users with iOS 11 or newer can annotate within the iBooks application that comes standard on all devices. Those with an older iOS should purchase iAnnotate or another annotate app to use with their e-book
    • Kindle Fire - users must purchase an app such as ezPDF or another annotate app in order to access bookmarks and annotation

6) How do I annotate/comment on my downloaded manual?

Here is a page with detailed instructions on how to mark up and add comments to a PDF.

Note: If materials have been scanned, highlighting and commenting will not be accessible.

7) Am I expected to print the PDF files after they are downloaded?

We encourage attendees to use their materials electronically, allowing for annotation and highlighting. The OSCPA is offering paperless manuals as a way for attendees to easily access and save course materials by utilizing common technology and programs.

8) May I share my manual PDF with others?

All manuals for OSCPA events are copyrighted and permissions to download or print is granted exclusively to the paid participant of the event.

9) Need help or have questions?

Call or email the OSCPA Learning Department at (800) 522-8261 or