Peer Review For You

The perfect starting point for those interested in becoming Peer Reviewers.

Be a Peer Reviewer

The peer review landscape continues to evolve and having a quality peer review is more important than ever. Becoming a Peer Reviewer has many unique advantages.

1. Leverage your expertise.
As a Peer Reviewer, you can open doors to a new source of revenue for your accounting and auditing practice. Plus, enhance your practice with all of the valuable knowledge you'll gain.
2. Grow your network.
By serving as a Peer Reviewer, you can provide additional insight to your new contacts by helping them tackle challenging practice management issues.
3. On-Demand Peer Review CPE.
All the training you need to become a qualified Peer Reviewer is at your fingertips with the convenience of self-study courses, including training for high-risk Must Select Engagements. Watch for other educational opportunities such as Peer Review Webcasts and the annual Peer Review Conference.
4. Enhance auditing quality.
The objective of peer review is to ensure accounting and auditing services are in service of the public interest. Peer review helps firms monitor their accounting and auditing practices. 
5. Peer Reviewer Qualifications.
Find out the qualifications to serve as a peer review team member, team captain and how to take the first steps. 

6. Additional Resources from the AICPA.
Visit the AICPA's website to learn more about the Peer Review Program and how to grow your influence. 

Additional Resources