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Professional Ethics


Committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct within the accounting profession, this dedicated group plays a pivotal role in promoting ethical practices and ensuring the trust and confidence of the public. From offering guidance on ethical dilemmas to fostering a culture of accountability, the committee serves as a compass for ethical decision-making.



  • Committee Chair

    Steven Milam


    Milam & Associates, PLLC - Tulsa

  • Committee Liaison

    Stephanie Trougakos


    Oklahoma Society of CPAs - Oklahoma City


  • Thomas Carlson

    Core Business Advisors, PLLC - Oklahoma City

  • Paul Hartog

    Not associated with any firm -

  • J Patrick Milligan

    Tax Partner

    Not associated with any firm -

  • Blaine Peterson

    President and CEO

    Oklahoma Society of CPAs - Oklahoma City

  • Blake Postelwait

    Audit Manager

    CCK Strategies, PLLC - Tulsa

  • Rhonda Ray


    Gray, Blodgett & Company, PLLC - Norman

  • Rhonda Richards

    Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Durant

  • Kelly Schwarz

    HSPG & Associates, PC - Oklahoma City

  • James Small

    Senior Accountant

    Carrefour Associates, LLC - Tulsa

  • Rachael Weber

    Chief Financial Officer

    CEGX Holding Company - Oklahoma City