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OSCPA's The Role of Leaders in EDIT (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Transformation)

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The presentation will explore key concepts in EDIT Leadership. Many have begun to realize that check-the-box trainings and equity statements have had little to no impact on behaviors or practices. This can leave well meaning leaders, staff, and partners disheartened and looking for solutions that make a difference. In this session, we will discuss why previous solutions might have been ineffective, as well as highlight strategies that have greater impact. Participants will walk away with tools and frameworks for undertaking meaningful and sustainable steps towards more equitable outcomes, and an understanding of the critical role of leaders in advancing equity in workplace cultures and organizations.

Please Note: This event was originally recorded on 4/20/23. Course must be completed prior to 4/30/24 for credit.





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Oklahoma CPAs


  • Understand the key levers that must be part of an effective plan to increase EDIT
  • Identify key roles of leaders in organizational EDI transformations
  • Understand key terms and concepts of EDIT
  • Preparation



    This course is also offered as a live stream.


    Leader Bios

    Chelsey Branham, Not associated with any firm

    Chelsey Branham is a member of the Chickasaw Nation with ancestral ties to both the Cherokee and Pawnee Nations. She specializes in public administration and public policy work, with over 15 years of experience in leadership development and facilitation in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, including as an honorable state legislator. She harnesses executive coaching and workforce training and development to facilitate the transformation of workplace cultures and enhance the missions of entities of all sizes. With an extensive strategic training and evaluation background, Branham works with organizational leaders to identify structural, institutional, and individual behaviors and policies that reinforce harmful systems and aids in the transition towards more equitable practices. Building bridges between communities and aiding in communication through conflict has led to her working with a range of audiences from cultivating more culturally appropriate and community-centered policies and practices with governments, to leading transformative workplace campaigns for national organizations. She is also a master’s level professor in the Smith College School of Social Work, and works to create space, support, and inclusion for Indigenous and other students of color, as well as bringing decolonized curriculum and accountability to students going into the field.

    Branham holds a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and Religious Studies with minors in Women and Gender Studies and Anthropology and a Master of International Studies in International Economics and Development, both from the University of Oklahoma. She also holds a Business Institute Certificate from the LEAD Business Institute at Stanford.

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    Non-Member Price $105

    Member Price $80