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OSCPA CPA Advocacy Day

May 09, 2024

At the OSCPA, we know our members make all the difference and each of you have made your voice heard by being an OSCPA member and advocate for our profession. 

CPA Advocacy Day was not only an event to meet legislators, but also a call to action to protect and strengthen what it means to be a CPA. Here's a look at some highlights from our day at the Oklahoma State Capitol:

We celebrated Senator Tom Dugger, CPA, for his unwavering support that has been instrumental in our advocacy efforts over the years.

Members heard from inspiring speakers, including Speaker Pro Tempore Kyle Hilbert, and OSCPA Fellow CPAs, Rep. Kendrix, and Rep. Maynard, whose words further ignited our passion and purpose.

We forged connections with legislators and CPAs from across our great state as we gathered together and met with local representatives and senators. 

As we reflect on this week's event, let us remember that we are more than CPAs, more than OSCPA members - we are the catalysts for change. Your voice matters. Your actions matter. Together, we have the power to shape the future of our profession. As Sen. Maynard said, "You really can make a difference."

Thank you again for your commitment to the OSCPA and continued support of the CPA-PAC as we move forward and pave the way for the future of CPAs in Oklahoma.